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United by a love for one magical series, we are the Knights of Farthestshore.

Welcome, traveler! Whether you’re here because, like us, you have a love for the Tales of Goldstone Wood series by Anne Elisabeth Stengl, or you are a lost internet surfer not sure of where you are, you are most heartily welcome.

We created this site to fangirl about analyze characters, explore the world and prose of Goldstone, and invite others to come and feel at home here. For a long time, these books have gone without being well-known, and we’re hoping to change that.

So while you’re here, explore the library, read some posts, delight in quotes from these wonderful books, and sign your name in our guestbook. We and others will want to know you’ve visited so that we can say hi… and know that, perhaps, you’re another kindred spirit.

Enjoy your stay at this Haven for fans of Goldstone Wood. 😊

Beyond the Final Water falling,
The Songs of Spheres recalling,
Won’t you return to me
// Anne Elisabeth Stengl //

latest updates to the library (blog posts)

Fanart: Lady Life-in-Death

I see you have joined us once more for another journey into the Wood. Today, I’m here to bring you a fanart piece of the Lady Life-in-Death, also known as the Lady of Dreams Realized, sketched by yours truly (Lemon). The villains of Goldstone Wood are so incredibly diverse. They can range from multifaceted and… More

Introducing Knight StarJoy!

Welcome back to the Woods, dear traveler! After traveling over the Wood and meeting all sorts of wonderful Knights, I took a break to gather my thoughts. But my rest was not permanent. A Knight known as StarJoy was more than happy to answer my questions.. I found her seated at her instrument, playing with… More

The Tales of Goldstone Wood Tag

Welcome back to the Haven, folks! As I was sitting in front of my computer a few weeks ago, I realized something… the Goldstone fan community needs its own tag. So here I am, giving you the questions, rules, and STRONGLY encouraging you to take part in it. 😉 To kick things off I’ll tag… More

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