Introducing Knight Kendra!

Welcome to the Woods, dear traveler!

The lovely Knight Kendra volunteered to be the first to answer a series of questions about the Tales Of Goldstone Woods and her experience with reading them, as well as thoughts and opinions about the stories. Here are her answers!


1.       How did you discover the wondrous world of Goldstone Woods? Was it a random find, or a recommendation? Did you fall in love right away or was it gradual? 

I discovered it through my dear friend in-real-life, MiddleEarthMusician, who let me borrow Heartless. And if I remember correctly, it was love-at-first-read. I was HOOKED. 😀 

2.       Who is your favorite character? And second favorite character?

My hands-down favorite character would have to be Eanrin. Don’t we all love him?! And as a second favorite… definitely Rose Red. I can relate to her in many ways, but especially when it comes to being really loyal to the people we love. 

3.       While Eanraldera is the best ship in the world, are there any other ships you enjoy? 

(agreed 😉) I love Aethelbald and his love for Una. He’s my favorite love interest from the entire series. But along with Eanraldera, a ship I hold dear is Lionheart + Rose Red. They are too cute together, in my opinion. 

4.       Which character do you connect to the most? Not who’s your favorite. Who reminds you of yourself?

Aha. Well… a character that reminds me a lot of myself in terms of wanting to make something of myself; find what I want in life; wanting to be free to choose, yet… not knowing what to choose once I have that freedom… yeah, Lionheart reminds me quite a bit of myself. I also like him a lot for that reason. But I have to say, I would never ask someone to trust me if I knew I couldn’t confirm that trust. I’m also quite a bit like Rose Red in that way.

5.       Opinion on the Prince of the Farthestshore’s name? Yes, no, hate it, love it, want to laugh at it? (personally, I think of asparagus everytime I read it)

I LOVE AETHELBALD. He’s my favorite love-interest, prince, and kind of in a category of his own so I can’t call him a “favorite” character?? I hated his name (and thought he himself was kind of bland) the first time I read it, but now? I’m in love. Yes, yes I am.

6.       Tell me about a headcanon you have for any character or story. 

I guess… the fact that I think Rose Red and Lionheart should get married?? *nods* Probably just that. 

7.       Is there something you wish the author elaborated on? 

How exactly did Eanrin lose his eyes?? I don’t remember reading about that in ANY of the books (though I guess I haven’t read the novellas or Golden Daughter, so).  And that’s kind of an important thing to know! In each book after Heartless that he appears in, we meet him BEFORE he lost his eyes. I want to know what happend; what A.E.S. did to him that made him lose his eyes! (I’m really not that happy that that ends up happening to him, but…)

8.       Which book is your favorite?

That’s tough! I like each of them for a different reason. But I really love Veiled Rose, Moonblood, and Starflower. If I had to choose a favorite… probably either Veiled Rose or Moonblood. *strokes beard thoughtfully*

9.       Were there any scenes from the series that moved you? To tears, to laughter, to anger? 

I always laugh so hard when Lionheart is performing in Lunthea Maly for the boy-emperor and he just butchers their language. It’s hilarious! Here’s an exact quote: 

“ELEPHANT! My name is Leonard of the Tongue of Lightning! Why are the trees pink and dripping frogs?”

— Anne Elisabeth Stengl, Veiled Rose, page 272

Gets me every time.

10.   And finally, would you recommend the Tales of Goldstone Woods to anyone? On a scale of one to ten, where would you rate it

Oh yes! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy. NOT to someone who is easily frightened, though. The books get pretty dark and creepy at times. I run to and from the kitchen every night (when I’m reading the books) when I get a drink of water. Heheh. >.<


And there you have it, dear travelers! Another big thank you to Kendra for taking the time to answer the questions! Join me next time when I hear from another Knight! (who it will be, no one knows, least of all myself. You shall all just be surprised)


3 thoughts on “Introducing Knight Kendra!

  1. Much fun!!! I think we got a bit of hints of what happened with his eyes in Moonblood (as in who took them and where and in what timeline) but yeeees, I wish we had gotten the book that covered that, devastating as it would be.

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    1. Me too!! I’ve been taking notes and imagining a story about Beana, the Dragon and the Gold Stone, Eanrin, Vahe, and Oeric… I think that’s what is needed/planned, and I’m so sad we never got it.


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