Introducing Knight Maya Joelle

Welcome back to the Woods, dear traveler,

After interviewing the lovely Kendra and the intriguing Lemon Duck, I headed to an ancient city, full of crumbling ruins, to find the Knight Maya Joelle. I discovered her in the tower of a dusty library, surrounded by old books (some of which were probably magical). It was with great difficulty that I pulled her away from the books long enough to answer my questions. But it was worth it in the end.


1. How did you discover the wondrous world of Goldstone Wood? Was it a random find, or a recommendation? Did you fall in love right away or was it gradual? 

I initially discovered the books through the Silmaril Awards in 2019, when everyone was raving about Eanrin and I had no idea who he was 😂 After some digging around various blogs, I learned that he was from the Tales (and that everyone seemed to love him — and the whole series — but especially him). I didn’t start reading them until February 2020, when Hawkeye (another Knight — the one interviewing me xD) texted me and told me that she really enjoyed this fantasy series and I ought to try it. 

I fell in love right away and haven’t stopped since. I’m currently rereading the series (only six months after my first time) and just finished Dragonwitch. I’ve successfully convinced my sister (Ellery Maeve) as well as a few other friends to read the Tales. And then I had the idea for this site and emailed some online friends and, behold, we have a fan site. =)

2. Who is your favorite character? And second favorite character?

Favorite is Eanrin (I know everyone says that, but he’s hard to beat). Others that come close are Imraldera, Daylily, Mouse, the Chronicler, and Aethelbald. 

3. While Eanraldera is the best ship in the world, are there any other ships you enjoy? 

My second favorite ship is Foxlily (Foxbrush/Daylily), and I also really enjoy the ships from Dragonwitch. Oh, and there’s that one scene in Moonblood that breaks my heart every time… I think I just ship all the ships? (This is a common trend with me. I love shipping, you guys. So much that I’ll just go back through my favorite books to read the scenes… you know the scenes. The reconciliations. The I-really-hate-you-right-now-but-also-I-want-to-kiss-you scenes. The weddings and the heartbreaks and the moments when the characters finally have the right words… My brother thinks I’m crazy.)

4. Which character do you connect to the most? Not who’s your favorite. Who reminds you of yourself?

I think I’m a combination of Imraldera, Foxbrush, Una, and Leo. Mostly Imraldera (I’ve gotten her every time I take a “which character are you” quiz), because of her loyalty and library. 🙂 I can be a bit too attached to my books and forget to actually, you know, do things (Foxbrush), I write poetry and daydream about handsome princes (Una), and I tend to want to explain away my mistakes rather than face them and learn from them (Leo). 

5. Opinion on the Prince of the Farthestshore’s name? Yes, no, hate it, love it, want to laugh at it? (personally, I think of asparagus every time I read it)

Prince Asparagus! *dies laughing* I personally like it because it fits his description and allows me to see him as Una sees him. Later, as Una grows to care for him and see who he really is, I started to like his name more. 

6. Tell me about a headcanon you have for any character or story. 

Leo and Rose Red are destined for each other and nothing can make me change my mind. 

Oh wait, that’s actual canon. (Right?) 

I’m pretty sure that Eanrin lost his eyes around the same time that Beana was Vahe’s slave and Vahe set the Dragon free from the Gold Stone and Oeric became a Knight. And I really want to read that book now. (Along with Poison Crown and every single other book that the story needs…)

7. Is there something you wish the author elaborated on? 

Can I say everything

I really do want to know more about Eanrin’s eyes (and lack thereof). I think Rogan was supposed to be a character in Poison Crown and I would love to hear his backstory. And more of Benedict, Heloise, and Imoo! And Beana and Oeric! I’ll take more Mouse and Alistair any day. 

Oh, and Eanraldera.

Okay… everything.

8.  Which book is your favorite?

The first time through, it was Shadow Hand, but this time I’ve really enjoyed Starflower and Dragonwitch. (Of course, I haven’t got to Shadow Hand yet, and I’m fully confident I’ll love it just as much as before. If not more.) 

I’m also quite fond of A Branch of Silver, a Branch of Gold

9. Were there any scenes from the series that moved you? To tears, to laughter, to anger?

I’ll just list a few several:

  • “Don’t pretend you didn’t know” — Eanrin to Imraldera (Shadow Hand) // anger and tears and allll the emotions
  • Eanrin translates for Mouse and Alistair (Dragonwitch) // a great deal of laughter
  • Aethelbald tells Una she must die (Heartless) // chills of joy and sorrow
  • Lionheart realizes he can’t explain (Moonblood) // conviction and happiness
  • “I am called Imraldera… and I am not silent” (Starflower) // chillllsss. my goodness I love this maid. 
  • the night of Moonblood // can we all agree that that poem is one of the best ever?
  • “ELEPHANT! My name is Leonard of the Tongue of Lightning! Why are the trees pink and dripping frogs?” (Veiled Rose) // stole this one from Kendra’s introduction. it’s so hilarious. I laughed aloud.

10. And finally, would you recommend the Tales of Goldstone Wood to anyone? On a scale of one to ten, where would you rate it?

Iabsolutely recommend this series to basically everyone! You should probably be over ten years old, at least a tiny bit acquainted with fantasy, and open to Christian allegory… and if that sounds great, this is the series for you. 

I rate the series 9/10. (Taking off one point for lengthy descriptions, a kind-of boring plot in one book [*hides* yes, Heartless], and several unfinished/unexplained threads.)


There you have the Knight Maya Joelle’s answers, dear travelers. A big thank you to Knight Maya for answering these questions (and for not kicking me out of her library).

May your Paths lead you home,


One thought on “Introducing Knight Maya Joelle

  1. *sobs*….the books….”But perhaps one day I’ll have the opportunity to tell a story . . . a story about a lost slave with no memory, a band of minstrel-spies, a secret passage, and a ruthless queen . . .” – this is from AES’ blog post on Rogan…and I don’t remember at all who he is but now I want to know more….

    Also..Earnin’s translation is BEST. And Night of the Moonblood is ALSO the best. *shivers*

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