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review of Heartless

review of A Branch of Silver, A Branch of Gold on Fairy Tale Central

Silmaril Awards: Most Mischievous Imp | a post from Short & Snappy by Madeline J. Rose

Eanrin makes an appearance in this awards ceremony.

The day has come. I swallow, nerves and excitement warring in my stomach. The contestants are hanging out behind the curtains as I wait for the proper signal to send Pippin out. I glance back at the unusual group. Pippin is making rounds, introducing himself to each of the nominees and chatting with them a […]

And the Winner is… // Winner of the Most Mischievous Imp Award! — Short & Snappy

Coloring Book Release! | a post by H.S.J. Williams

Hannah S.J. Williams illustrated the official Tales of Goldstone Wood coloring book. Check out her post to learn more!

For years, my favorite book series has been the magical Tales of Goldstone Wood. And now, I am thrilled to announce that I have released the official coloring book! It was incredible to work on all 32 illustrations, and I hope you will enjoy happy hours of coloring them. Now up on Amazon! A perfect […]

Coloring Book Release!

Fan Art Friday: Prince of Night | a post by H.S.J. Williams

Hannah shares a piece of fanart featuring Imoo, the Prince of Night!

I’ve wanted to do a fan art of this faerie prince for a looooooooong time ever since I first met him in A Branch of Silver, A Branch of Gold by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. So here he is….Prince of Night, Son, Brother….Imoo Tau. […]

Fan Art Friday–Prince of Night —

Mystery Blogger Award | a post from Project Pursue Wisdom by C.M.

C.M. talks about the Tales in this tag.

Don’t worry, folks! I have a real post-review coming up. It’s currently in the oven waiting for the yeast to work through and rise so we can all enjoy a properly done, soft, fluffy final product. 🙂 In the meantime, The (Awesome) Story Sponge has generously nominated me for The Mystery Blogger Tag! Well, technically, […]

Something New: First Tag – The Mystery Blogger Award-Tag — Project Pursue Wisdom

5 Favourite Character Types | a post from To be a Shennachie

This post mentions the Dame and Eanrin!

It’s undeniable that one of the greatest joys of reading is finding a friend in a character. Personalities seem to transcend the page; paper and ink nearly becomes flesh and blood. I find that many of my favourite characters tend to fall into certain ‘types’. The Curmudgeon There is something in the curmudgeonly character that […]

5 Favourite Character Types — To be a Shennachie

10 Favourite Fictional Mothers | a post from To be a Shennachie

This post includes a mention of Lady Hymlume, a beloved (if confusing) character from the Tales!

In honour of the upcoming Mother’s Day, I decided to make a list of my favourite fictional mothers. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to make a list of mothers in fiction since, like fictional fathers, they do not have a very good survival rate, but I have found ten that deserve mention. 1. Lady Hymlume, The Tales […]

10 Favourite Fictional Mothers — To be a Shennachie

“Be Talking Beasts” | a post from To be a Shennachie

Characters from Goldstone Wood are featured in this post about animals in fiction.

(Title from The Magician’s Nephew) I don’t think there’s a pet-owner out there who hasn’t wished they could communicate with their pets. I suspect that might be why fiction features so many talking animals. Early on I began to guess which authors were cat people and which were dog people based on the talking animals […]

“Be Talking Beasts” — To be a Shennachie

Silmaril Award: Most Silver Tongue (2019) | a post from The Road of a Writer by Deborah O’Carroll

In this awards ceremony, a familiar Goldstone character receives honor and adulation.

There was quite a stir in the Shire when just three days before the long-expected Most Silver Tongue Silmaril Award presentation was to be held, its presenter, Bilbo Baggins of the Bagginses of Bag End, disappeared at his birthday party of the 22nd of September. Fortunately, it was not for long. A notice was found […]

Silmaril Award Ceremony Presentation: Most Silver Tongue! (2019) — The Road of a Writer

Goldstone Wood | a post from World of Chronicles by Lemon Duck

Lemon shared this awesome post on her blog a while ago! It’s all about the Tales and why you should read them, and is full of great quotes.

No, no, this isn’t a review. It’s just a little…INCENTIVE for you all to read the Goldstone Wood books. Please do…

Goldstone Wood — World of Chronicles