Introducing Knight StarJoy!

Welcome back to the Woods, dear traveler!

After traveling over the Wood and meeting all sorts of wonderful Knights, I took a break to gather my thoughts. But my rest was not permanent. A Knight known as StarJoy was more than happy to answer my questions.. I found her seated at her instrument, playing with a skill not found in mortals. After listening intently to her music, I asked her my questions and she gave lovely answers with a smile on her face. Here are her answers, though I sadly couldn’t not include the music that accompanied the words.


1. How did you discover the wondrous world of Goldstone Wood? Was it a random find, or a recommendation? Did you fall in love right away or was it gradual? 

My friend Maya Joelle recommended it to me. I liked it by the end of Heartless, but Veiled Rose swayed my opinion a little (I didn’t think it was very interesting and it featured a character that at the time I had a very low opinion of). By the end of Veiled Rose and definitely partway through Moonblood, though, I was completely hooked.

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5 Reasons Why I love Bard Eanrin (you are all encouraged to join in the fangirling that follows)

I love orange cats. Always have. They have such a nice, cozy, comforting look, and all the ones I’ve ever met have been friendly. But ever since I read The Tales of Goldstone Wood for the first time, though, they’ve taken on a whole new element of awesomeness.

Eanrin. Yes, Eanrin. We’re going to talk about him today. As you may have noticed, nearly ALL of the Knights running this blog (just about all of them) are unanimous in the sentiment that Eanrin is our favorite character from this series.

He didn’t have to do anything special to earn that place in our hearts. Nope. He just had to be Eanrin.

Because, whether Eanrin is your favorite character or not, I think you’ll have to agree that he’s quite the swoon-worthy guy; snarky remarks and all. 😉

If you need a bit of convincing, though (or you’d just like to hear his praises sung), here some reasons he’s so beloved.

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Introducing Knight Maya Joelle

Welcome back to the Woods, dear traveler,

After interviewing the lovely Kendra and the intriguing Lemon Duck, I headed to an ancient city, full of crumbling ruins, to find the Knight Maya Joelle. I discovered her in the tower of a dusty library, surrounded by old books (some of which were probably magical). It was with great difficulty that I pulled her away from the books long enough to answer my questions. But it was worth it in the end.


1. How did you discover the wondrous world of Goldstone Wood? Was it a random find, or a recommendation? Did you fall in love right away or was it gradual? 

I initially discovered the books through the Silmaril Awards in 2019, when everyone was raving about Eanrin and I had no idea who he was 😂 After some digging around various blogs, I learned that he was from the Tales (and that everyone seemed to love him — and the whole series — but especially him). I didn’t start reading them until February 2020, when Hawkeye (another Knight — the one interviewing me xD) texted me and told me that she really enjoyed this fantasy series and I ought to try it. 

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Introducing Knight Lemon Duck!

Welcome back to the Woods, dear traveler,

After interviewing the lovely Knight Kendra, I gathered my courage and rode into the Wood to find the Knight Lemon Duck! It took longer than I was expecting to find the very yellow duck, given everyone I met knew her by a different name, but once I found her, she was ecstatic to answer the questions I posed to her. Here they are!

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Most Silver Tongue [2020 Silmaril Awards] | sharing a post from Kyle Robert Shultz

Knights, travelers, and unexpected (but welcome) guests, behold: the 2020 Silmaril Award for Most Silver Tongue! The Silmaril Awards honor fantasy characters every fall. This year’s ceremony features two Goldstone characters, one of which won! (Hint: he’s my favorite Knight. *grins*)

I am sorry to report that due to circumstances beyond our control, today’s ceremony to announce the winner of the Most Silver Tongue Silmaril in the 2020 Silmaril Awards has been cancelled. There was an unfortunate failure in the magical countermeasures intended to prevent any untoward incidents at this year’s Silmaril Awards, resulting in the…

The 2020 Silmaril Awards: The Most Silver Tongue Award Ceremony — Kyle Robert Shultz

fanart by Kelsey Toledo [Leonard, Eanrin, and Rose Red!]

UPDATE: The pictures were not showing up on some people’s devices. We believe it’s fixed! However, comment below and tell us if you can (or can’t) see them.

Welcome, travelers, to the Haven! Today I’m sharing three pieces of fanart by the marvelous Kelsey Toledo. Thank you so much, Kelsey, for submitting your pictures. They’re incredible.

note: the pictures are free of spoilers, but the quotes between may spoil events from the first three Tales

First, we have a charcoal drawing of Leo the jester:

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Introducing Knight Kendra!

Welcome to the Woods, dear traveler!

The lovely Knight Kendra volunteered to be the first to answer a series of questions about the Tales Of Goldstone Woods and her experience with reading them, as well as thoughts and opinions about the stories. Here are her answers!


1.       How did you discover the wondrous world of Goldstone Woods? Was it a random find, or a recommendation? Did you fall in love right away or was it gradual? 

I discovered it through my dear friend in-real-life, MiddleEarthMusician, who let me borrow Heartless. And if I remember correctly, it was love-at-first-read. I was HOOKED. 😀 

2.       Who is your favorite character? And second favorite character?

My hands-down favorite character would have to be Eanrin. Don’t we all love him?! And as a second favorite… definitely Rose Red. I can relate to her in many ways, but especially when it comes to being really loyal to the people we love. 

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welcome! [+ suggest songs for our playlist]

Well met, traveler, and welcome to this Haven of the Knights. I’m Maya Joelle, and I’m so glad you’re here! If this is your first time (and it probably is, since we just launched today), we invite you to learn more about us:

Music is an important part of the Tales. The thrush sings. The moon and sun raise their voices in the Songs of Spheres (and sometimes, characters remember the truth and hear the Songs again). Leo sings ridiculous songs to Una, Eanrin composes odes in honor of Gleamdren (and Starflower — but shhh, he doesn’t want anyone to know that), and Rose Red sings even in Death’s realm.

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“Be Talking Beasts” | a post from To be a Shennachie

Characters from Goldstone Wood are featured in this post about animals in fiction.

(Title from The Magician’s Nephew) I don’t think there’s a pet-owner out there who hasn’t wished they could communicate with their pets. I suspect that might be why fiction features so many talking animals. Early on I began to guess which authors were cat people and which were dog people based on the talking animals […]

“Be Talking Beasts” — To be a Shennachie