Introducing Knight Maya Joelle

Welcome back to the Woods, dear traveler,

After interviewing the lovely Kendra and the intriguing Lemon Duck, I headed to an ancient city, full of crumbling ruins, to find the Knight Maya Joelle. I discovered her in the tower of a dusty library, surrounded by old books (some of which were probably magical). It was with great difficulty that I pulled her away from the books long enough to answer my questions. But it was worth it in the end.


1. How did you discover the wondrous world of Goldstone Wood? Was it a random find, or a recommendation? Did you fall in love right away or was it gradual? 

I initially discovered the books through the Silmaril Awards in 2019, when everyone was raving about Eanrin and I had no idea who he was 😂 After some digging around various blogs, I learned that he was from the Tales (and that everyone seemed to love him — and the whole series — but especially him). I didn’t start reading them until February 2020, when Hawkeye (another Knight — the one interviewing me xD) texted me and told me that she really enjoyed this fantasy series and I ought to try it. 

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Introducing Knight Lemon Duck!

Welcome back to the Woods, dear traveler,

After interviewing the lovely Knight Kendra, I gathered my courage and rode into the Wood to find the Knight Lemon Duck! It took longer than I was expecting to find the very yellow duck, given everyone I met knew her by a different name, but once I found her, she was ecstatic to answer the questions I posed to her. Here they are!

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