Introducing Knight Kendra!

Welcome to the Woods, dear traveler!

The lovely Knight Kendra volunteered to be the first to answer a series of questions about the Tales Of Goldstone Woods and her experience with reading them, as well as thoughts and opinions about the stories. Here are her answers!


1.       How did you discover the wondrous world of Goldstone Woods? Was it a random find, or a recommendation? Did you fall in love right away or was it gradual? 

I discovered it through my dear friend in-real-life, MiddleEarthMusician, who let me borrow Heartless. And if I remember correctly, it was love-at-first-read. I was HOOKED. 😀 

2.       Who is your favorite character? And second favorite character?

My hands-down favorite character would have to be Eanrin. Don’t we all love him?! And as a second favorite… definitely Rose Red. I can relate to her in many ways, but especially when it comes to being really loyal to the people we love. 

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