Fanart: Lady Life-in-Death

I see you have joined us once more for another journey into the Wood.

Today, I’m here to bring you a fanart piece of the Lady Life-in-Death, also known as the Lady of Dreams Realized, sketched by yours truly (Lemon).

The villains of Goldstone Wood are so incredibly diverse. They can range from multifaceted and complex, like Hri Sora with her heartbreaking tale, or symbolic and almost otherworldly, like the Lady of Dreams Realized.

Despite her more human appearance in the fanart above, the lady in the books is described as a lady in the realm of dreams and mist, blacker than the night yet her hair white and colder than ice. She also does love her dice games with her dear brother, and does love winning (though what sister doesn’t enjoy beating her brother?).

She makes appearances in the books Veiled Rose, Moonblood, and Golden Daughter as a mysterious figure who wishes to grant dreams and yet slowly entraps those she serves.

It seems to me that she is a symbol of earthly desire… or perhaps even a symbol of desire for something greater than the earthly and tangible. So often, we humans crave for something that’s better than what reality has to offer. Sometimes, it may just be to get out of debt or achieve that good grade, but many other times (and we lovers of fantasy and fiction can relate), it may be to just… step out of reality itself.

We want greatness, we want power, we want to be in a situation where we can be the heroes of the story, like our dear Lionheart so wished. Unfortunately, if we sink too deeply into those dreams…

Well, contrast what happened with Lionheart, who was rescued, and Hariawan, who ends up consumed by her dreams and trapped. It’s always good to want more — and Sairu (the protagonist of Golden Daughter) was an excellent example of wanting to be more than what you were raised to be and achieving that desire in a healthy (not to mention godly) way. But this beautiful and mysterious villain is an excellent warning for us to guard our thoughts and our aspirations.

Finally, as a last and more literary/historical context that you travelers may find interesting is that Life-in-Death is a figure that appears in literature, specifically the Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Samuel Taylor Coleridge). Here, she has yellow hair, white skin, and red lips and wins the Mariner’s soul through a dice game played with Death (and subsequently dooms the Mariner to just exist, cut off from the realm of the spirit until he completes his penance; ouch).

Coincidence? Perhaps, perhaps not… but the figures DO make interesting spiritual parallels.

So what do you think about this mysterious, almost lucid villain? I hope you’re staying free from her clutches!

Anyway, with that, I must leave you to your paths. But I will leave with a last warning for all the dreamers and creators of this world…

Don’t sink too deeply in your fantasies… because Lady Life-in-Death is more real than you would think.

//Lemon Duck

The Tales of Goldstone Wood Tag

Welcome back to the Haven, folks!

As I was sitting in front of my computer a few weeks ago, I realized something… the Goldstone fan community needs its own tag. So here I am, giving you the questions, rules, and STRONGLY encouraging you to take part in it. 😉 To kick things off I’ll tag myself, Maya, and a couple of the other site members, and we hope to see more people share this tag. 🙂

Here it is, at long last! 😀

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5 Reasons Why I love Bard Eanrin (you are all encouraged to join in the fangirling that follows)

I love orange cats. Always have. They have such a nice, cozy, comforting look, and all the ones I’ve ever met have been friendly. But ever since I read The Tales of Goldstone Wood for the first time, though, they’ve taken on a whole new element of awesomeness.

Eanrin. Yes, Eanrin. We’re going to talk about him today. As you may have noticed, nearly ALL of the Knights running this blog (just about all of them) are unanimous in the sentiment that Eanrin is our favorite character from this series.

He didn’t have to do anything special to earn that place in our hearts. Nope. He just had to be Eanrin.

Because, whether Eanrin is your favorite character or not, I think you’ll have to agree that he’s quite the swoon-worthy guy; snarky remarks and all. 😉

If you need a bit of convincing, though (or you’d just like to hear his praises sung), here some reasons he’s so beloved.

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Introducing Knight Maya Joelle

Welcome back to the Woods, dear traveler,

After interviewing the lovely Kendra and the intriguing Lemon Duck, I headed to an ancient city, full of crumbling ruins, to find the Knight Maya Joelle. I discovered her in the tower of a dusty library, surrounded by old books (some of which were probably magical). It was with great difficulty that I pulled her away from the books long enough to answer my questions. But it was worth it in the end.


1. How did you discover the wondrous world of Goldstone Wood? Was it a random find, or a recommendation? Did you fall in love right away or was it gradual? 

I initially discovered the books through the Silmaril Awards in 2019, when everyone was raving about Eanrin and I had no idea who he was 😂 After some digging around various blogs, I learned that he was from the Tales (and that everyone seemed to love him — and the whole series — but especially him). I didn’t start reading them until February 2020, when Hawkeye (another Knight — the one interviewing me xD) texted me and told me that she really enjoyed this fantasy series and I ought to try it. 

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Most Silver Tongue [2020 Silmaril Awards] | sharing a post from Kyle Robert Shultz

Knights, travelers, and unexpected (but welcome) guests, behold: the 2020 Silmaril Award for Most Silver Tongue! The Silmaril Awards honor fantasy characters every fall. This year’s ceremony features two Goldstone characters, one of which won! (Hint: he’s my favorite Knight. *grins*)

I am sorry to report that due to circumstances beyond our control, today’s ceremony to announce the winner of the Most Silver Tongue Silmaril in the 2020 Silmaril Awards has been cancelled. There was an unfortunate failure in the magical countermeasures intended to prevent any untoward incidents at this year’s Silmaril Awards, resulting in the…

The 2020 Silmaril Awards: The Most Silver Tongue Award Ceremony — Kyle Robert Shultz

fanart by Kelsey Toledo [Leonard, Eanrin, and Rose Red!]

UPDATE: The pictures were not showing up on some people’s devices. We believe it’s fixed! However, comment below and tell us if you can (or can’t) see them.

Welcome, travelers, to the Haven! Today I’m sharing three pieces of fanart by the marvelous Kelsey Toledo. Thank you so much, Kelsey, for submitting your pictures. They’re incredible.

note: the pictures are free of spoilers, but the quotes between may spoil events from the first three Tales

First, we have a charcoal drawing of Leo the jester:

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Introducing Knight Kendra!

Welcome to the Woods, dear traveler!

The lovely Knight Kendra volunteered to be the first to answer a series of questions about the Tales Of Goldstone Woods and her experience with reading them, as well as thoughts and opinions about the stories. Here are her answers!


1.       How did you discover the wondrous world of Goldstone Woods? Was it a random find, or a recommendation? Did you fall in love right away or was it gradual? 

I discovered it through my dear friend in-real-life, MiddleEarthMusician, who let me borrow Heartless. And if I remember correctly, it was love-at-first-read. I was HOOKED. 😀 

2.       Who is your favorite character? And second favorite character?

My hands-down favorite character would have to be Eanrin. Don’t we all love him?! And as a second favorite… definitely Rose Red. I can relate to her in many ways, but especially when it comes to being really loyal to the people we love. 

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welcome! [+ suggest songs for our playlist]

Well met, traveler, and welcome to this Haven of the Knights. I’m Maya Joelle, and I’m so glad you’re here! If this is your first time (and it probably is, since we just launched today), we invite you to learn more about us:

Music is an important part of the Tales. The thrush sings. The moon and sun raise their voices in the Songs of Spheres (and sometimes, characters remember the truth and hear the Songs again). Leo sings ridiculous songs to Una, Eanrin composes odes in honor of Gleamdren (and Starflower — but shhh, he doesn’t want anyone to know that), and Rose Red sings even in Death’s realm.

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Goldstone Wood around the internet

Many non-Wordpress bloggers and reviewers have talked about the Tales! Here are some links.

Knights of Farthestshore does not necessarily agree with or support all content and views on posts linked below (especially in ads and other articles linked to on each site). Read/browse with discretion.

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A Love Letter to the Tales of Goldstone Wood | a post from Penprints by Rosalie Valentine

Rosalie talks about her love for the Tales.

I first heard about the Tales of Goldstone Wood while with my cousins eight years ago. Brittany, my eldest cousin, showed me a beautiful book she had picked up for just a few dollars at a little bookstore. It had one of the loveliest covers I had ever seen. It was titled Heartless, and it […]

A Love Letter to the Tales of Goldstone Wood [yeah, it’s a fangirl post] — Penprints